Personal Development Programme

3Cs Personal Development Programme

The 3Cs of Communication, Change & Conflict are always on the agenda for individuals as well as teams.

I offer a unique bespoke Personal Performance Coaching package which enables you to go that ‘extra mile’ in developing your interpersonal skills set, taking your personal performance to the next level, and identifying new pathways for your professional and private life.

Do you want to:graph-1019845_1920

  • know what really motivates you
  • understand what holds you back
  • identify & learn from your own patterns of behaviour
  • sharpen your people reading skills
  • navigate change with greater ease & confidence
  • handle conflict constructively
  • communicate with more confidence

You’ve heard it said:
“Wherever there are people, there are problems!”
But I say:
“Wherever there are people, there’s potential!”

“Wherever there are people, there are problems”, specifically, wherever there are people these three factors can create real problems. Why wait until they become a problem for you? Better still, why not realise their potential?

Give yourself the edge, and register now.

The Development Programme comprises:

  • 9 sessions delivered over 3 months
  • 90 min initial session followed by 8 x 60min
  • MBTI Step II Personality Analysis
  • Sessions conducted by Skype, phone, or face to face (location permitting)
  • Ongoing email support for duration of the programme 

How it works

Session 1 ‘Setting the Agenda’ & MBTI Personality Analysis

Session 2-4 Personality Type & Communication (2), Type & Change (3), Type & Conflict (4)

Sessions 5-9 Personal Development Coaching – Applying the insights!

If you’re not sure whether the development programme is right for you, please contact me and arrange a 30 minute complementary consultation. I’d welcome your call and we can discuss the challenges you face and any questions you might have.

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