Individual MBTI Step II Profile & Analysis

MBTI is a truly great way to identify your unique gifts and enhance your own understanding of yourself. By helping you discover your real motivators, and shedding light on your inhibitors, MBTI reveals your natural strengths and potential growth areas.

Enrich your life in these important ways by applying your knowledge of MBTI:

Understand yourself better by identifying your typical behaviour and responses you can know how your personality is both an asset and liability, and learn what you can to do build on what is good, and improve what lets you down.

thoughts-551263_1920 1MBTI equips you to recognise how people are different, and that differences are both useful and enriching, rather than irritating and restrictive. By helping you appreciate the normal behavioural differences in people MBTI enables you to harness the potential of difference as a positive force. MBTI gives you the tools to better understand others in non-threatened and non-threatening ways.

Developing a sense of perspective with MBTI. Seeing yourself and others through the lens of personality type not only helps you recognise different ways of doing things, it also helps you appreciate the insight and validity of other points of view. No particular way is always right or wrong, develop the wherewithal to adopt different points of view, and adapt to the demands of changing situations, the need to communicate with a variety of people, and evolving responsibilities.

When you register you will be sent a link to your own profile assessment questionnaire. The questionnaire is quick and straight forward to fill in. Once completed I will contact you to schedule a convenient time to share a forty five-minute feedback session to help you understand what it means for you. Feedback sessions conducted by Skype, phone, or face to face (location permitting)

MBTI logo 1You will then receive your very own comprehensive 20+ page MBTI Step II profile report to keep.

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