Five easy ways to handle conflict

We’ve all heard the old adage ‘Where there’re people there are problems.’ Conflict is a normal, albeit a typically unwelcome, aspect of human relationships.

We may be tempted to think that because conflict is common-place we’d face it constructively and with confidence, but given that it’s mostly unpleasant and uncomfortable, we usually shy away from the hard work of engagement, preferring instead a quick fix!

In my forthcoming video, I’m going to share with you five ridiculously easy ways to stop being a peace-lover and become a peace-maker!

I’ll be sharing how to:

  • break out of learned ways of reacting to conflict
  • know what’s going wrong
  • construct your own effective tool-kit to deal with conflict
  • improve your relationships at home and at work

It’s not all about us – a common stumbling block that trips us when faced with conflict is the assumption that most people are like us, and if that’s true generally, then it must be true when it comes to conflict.

And there’s the rub, right there. That assumption just isn’t true. In fact, people are very different and have different concerns, motivators and inhibitors, and because of that they respond to conflict in different ways. The more we understand those basic differences, the more effective we become in responding constructively to conflict situations, whether they’re in the home, among our friends or acquaintances, strangers or close colleagues.