One of the most popular and widely used Personality Type models in the world.


Simple to use, understand, and explain, DISC provides an accurate and reliable tool for opening up the ‘People Puzzle’ that so many of us wrestle with.

An expert in DISC, David can open up a new world of insight, experience and knowledge for you and your organisation. Helping you to overcome the obstacles of ineffective communication, inter-personal conflict, and lack of shared vision. David can promise you the knowledge and skills to ‘read people in minutes, rather than months’

By learning to communicate with people according to their behavioural preferences you can inspire confidence, trust, and receptivity. By appreciating the differences and similarities in people you are more likely to embrace difference as something positive rather than a cause of conflict, and enable others to do the same.puzzle-1020386_1920

People are different but they are predictably different. DISC simply and accurately (90-95%) opens the door to more effective communication, and allows you to modify your language and behaviour to manage people well.

With over twenty years of experience using and presenting Personality Profiling Tools to individuals and audiences, David can assure you of time well-spent and focused on delivering value to you and your organisation.

All Personality Type models seek to explain the observable differences in the normal behaviour of ordinary people in their everyday circumstances, helping them to recognise, understand, and respond to difference in a positive way.

Developed by Dr William Marston in the USA, and first published in his book “The Emotions of Normal People” 1928, the DISC model assumes a basic division using Outgoing/Reserved approach, and Task/People focus – giving four basic types.

Licensed trainer logoDISC is simply an acronym for four words:
 = Dominance – Outgoing & Task focussed
I = Influence – Outgoing & People focussed
S = Steadiness – Reserved & People focussed
C = Compliance – Reserved & Task focussed