What is coaching, and what can it do for me?

Coaching operates on the assumption that you carry within yourself the answers to get you where you want to be.
Coaching lets you set the agenda, whilst the Coach manages the process. It doesn’t matter what your dilemma, what your experience, what your context is –

Coaching enables you to:

  • be clear about what you want, need, or aspire to
  • identify what needs to be done, could be done, can be done
  • be ‘real’ about potential obstacles and how to navigate them
  • create your action plan, commit to it, and do it
  • motivate yourself to achieve your goals faster and more effectively

You will draw out the benefits in direct proportion to the effort you put in.
You will reap what you sow; sow generously, and you’ll have a rich harvest.

Coaching provides a process of focused and rigorous questioning through which you identify the solutions, and create your own strategies, to your challenges, aspirations, and goals.

Most people fail to access those solutions, meaning that dreams seldom become reality,
and opportunities are missed only to be realised by someone else.

Coaching is nothing if it is not about empowering you.

If you’re not sure whether coaching is right for you, please contact me and arrange a 30 minute complementary consultation. I’d welcome your call and we can discuss the challenges you face and any questions you might have.

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