Consultant, Performance Coach, Motivational Speaker, Presenter & Trainer

IMG_0178David has worked across the sectors, including higher education, health care, voluntary organisations, and community development, collecting real time experience of the challenges and demands faced by those organisations and the people who inhabit them. From the outset of his professional life David has been passionate about people’s potential, helping them to discover their dreams and believe in themselves. He has an unquenchable thirst for learning, growth, and development and seeks to share that drive with others.

David’s professional responsibilities have included the development and implementation of HE validated programmes of training and learning, as well as overseeing and reviewing the provision of Continuing Professional Development. He has provided service as both a Mentor and Coach to those seeking to develop their vision, team-work, and inter-personal skills, and he has led both salaried and voluntary staff.

IMG_1326 copyDavid is sought out for his motivational presentations and training. Over many years he has crafted a reliable and robust professional reputation for inspirational work. Whether working with individuals or teams David presents with a warm, charismatic and engaging style. He has been described as possessing a ‘mellifluous’ vocal tone which inspires confidence, as well as being pleasant to listen to.

David is a Certified MBTI (Myers-Briggs) Practitioner at Levels 1 and 2, and a Licensed DISC trainer. With over twenty years of experience using and presenting Personality Profiling Tools to individuals and audiences, David can assure you of time well-spent and focused on delivering value to you and your organisation.

see-1019991_1920David has seen and experienced more than enough inter-personal conflict within organisations to realise the corrosive effect it can have for shared vision and enterprise, as well as the damage it does to the people involved, and future prospects. He has studied, trained in, and deploys experience and insights from Conflict Transformation and Restorative Justice. He currently participates as a delegate and regular contributor to the Restorative Justice ‘Organised Dialogues’ in his local Community.