Welcome to the official website of David McCormick

David McCormickConsultant, Performance Coach, Motivational Speaker, Presenter & Trainer 


David’s personal statement is ‘to equip people and organisations to understand themselves better, and to release their potential faster, more effectively, and with greater confidence’. David’s experience spans varying sectors and ranges from performance coaching, public speaking, training and education, to leading not for profit and charitable organisations.



“what motivates and inspires, daunts or inhibits, is different for different people”

My name is David McCormick, welcome to my website!

I’ve been passionate about self development and personal growth all my adult life, and I’ve harnessed that energy to help others grow and develop as a ‘person’.

My experience includes performance coaching, mentoring, and public speaking. I offer training in managing stress, personality profiling, conflict transformation, as well as communication and change.

I work with individuals, leaders, and teams at many different stages of their personal and professional lives and organizational development to:decision-1013752_1920

  • identify goals, obstacles, opportunities and strategies
  • gain greater clarity
  • achieve successful outcomes
  • improve their communication skills
  • navigate change more positively and effectively
  • handle conflict and realize its potential for growth and development
  • strengthen their resilience and emotional intelligence
  • improve their inter-personal skills by learning to read others, modify, and manage their own patterns of behaviour more effectively
  • identify the causes and indicators of stress to manage and prevent them

I look forward to working with people who dare to dream, who want to overcome obstacles, connect with their passion, and release their potential.

“Shaky foundations make for shaky buildings”

Self-Understanding is the foundation upon which individuals and organisations build. Shaky foundations make for shaky buildings. Most people simply accept that their way of seeing and doing things is the same as everybody else’s. When we understand that what motivates and inspires, daunts or inhibits, is different for different people and in different contexts, we can begin to lay stronger and lasting foundations.  David looks forward to working with you as you seek greater understanding of yourself, your organisation, and the challenges you want to rise to.